Book of the Month: Love Yourself like your Life depends on it (hint: it does)


I read a lot of business / entrepreneurship books, but rarely have I ever come across an idea so simple, yet so transformative.

Love Yourself

You’re thinking: what the hell? Are you high? Did you fall and hit your head? I know, I did too. But take a minute and look past your prejudice. Look past your tendency to put all your wishy-washy feelings into a storage box. Look past your habits of focusing on the tangible, at the cost of yourself.

I know the author personally. He’s an entrepreneur, and writes with personal experience & authenticity. This is both the shortest book I’ve read in years, and with just a few minutes, will change how happy you are with your life, your relationships, your body and your work.

If there’s one thing you’re going to do for the sake of your happiness this month, read this book. If you don’t believe me, believe in 837 5-star Amazon reviews.


2 thoughts on “Book of the Month: Love Yourself like your Life depends on it (hint: it does)

  1. Read this awhile back too and loved the simple message and powerful delivery – great book and recommendation! Love transforms. For those who like the science to back it up, read Love 2.0 by Barbara Fredrickson. The soft stuff is sometimes the hardest to learn and realize how it is the root of true success…

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