Kindle: a new Advertising frontier?

Do you guys read on a Kindle?

I bought one a couple of months ago and love it. I use it almost daily, and have 4x-ed my reading rate. Now here’s something people don’t talk about much when they talk about the Kindle – the Ads. As you can see above, the Kindle has this great ad format called a homepage screen saver. It shows on the screen when you’re not using the device, which is most of the time. Every time you glance at it, you see the ad. Each time you pick up the device, you see the ad. When you turn it off, you see the ad. And since there is no competition for your attention as a reader, I’ve found myself paying really close attention to each ad.

And here’s the kicker – you can 1-click buy whatever is in the ad via b/c they have your credit card on file. I’ve bought 2 things via the ads already, in addition to the ebooks I buy for the Kindle.

I have to think given the 1-click buy + super engaging ad format, there is an opportunity here to sell whatever you’re selling via Amazon with extremely high conversions.

I pinged Amazon and here are the numbers:

$15 CPM, $30,000 minimum buy, no CPC
Targeting: Gender, Household, State, Income
They can help with creatives
Yes, you can promote things you are selling on Amazon with 1-click buy enabled by default
1% – 2% CTR

The ad rep seemed pretty unsophisticated, and they didn’t have ready materials to convey this basic information. I had to ask for each piece of this info separately. Which makes me even more excited to test it out. All brand-new advertising and affiliates are like this early on.

Does anyone want to try this and share results?


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