SOLOMO (wtf)

So. Lo. Mo. 

Heard of this term? Zaki discovered this recently when an entrepreneur came pitching to him.

“I’m doing a SOLOMO startup for mobile.”

“WTF is that?”

“Oh, Social + Local + Mobile.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s like a photo app for mobile that is social and local”


I think this one tops the list of the most idiotic, bullshit buzzwords the Techcrunch crowd has come up with. Never try to build a business with buzzwords. Just yesterday I was attending a lawyer panel discussion where this guy was saying the words synergy, culture, collaborate, trust, group dynamics…and not saying a darn thing.

When you hear a lot of buzzwords, run in the opposite direction. When you hear fancy terms and generalizations, it usually means the person talking doesn’t know enough to talk specifics.

Specificity  >  Generalization
Piece of Poo  >  SOLOMO


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