The 40-hour Experiment (part 2 – results)

This is a follow-on post from the original 40-hour experiment post. The problem: is there a market for what you’re building? Is there a product-market fit, and more importantly how long should you continue to try before giving up? Too many start-ups spend more than a year building a product that no one really wants. The 40-hour experiment was about spending 40 hours in a focused way on marketing a new product, and dumping the product at the end of 40 hours if nothing came of it. I kept track of the hours I spent on a little whiteboard, slowly counting them down.

Each hour must be spent totally focused on marketing or customer acquisition. No Facebook, Youtube, random calls or meetings allowed. Stay “In the Zone.” Time measured down to the minute. Logging 45 minutes does not count as an hour of work. Food, water & other breaks, managing team, answering emails etc not included.

Here’s what happened…

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