This is why I’ve been quiet the last month

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.58.22 AM

New start-up! 😀

We took our learnings from FabDates, which arguably was working in parts, and came up with a better way to attack the same problem. What problem? That online dating is way too time-intensive, specifically for guys. Girls need to just post a pretty picture. Guys have to spend hours rating / reaching out / promoting themselves to get attention. This problem has been verified and tested multiple times by creating fake male and female accounts on craigslist, OKCupid and other dating sites. Female profiles typically get 5 – 10 messages per day without any additional user action. Guys are lucky if they get 10 in a year without any additional user action. This trend is generally true even on dating sites that are more than 50% female. (Most are male majority)

So instead of building another dating site, we’re trying a brand new approach. We’ve created a tool that allows you to tap into 264 million singles on Facebook.

It’s still under development so not all features work. But if you’re single, I honestly believe this will solve your relationship woes. Permanently. We’ve had some customers who’ve been working with us using this approach even before we had a site. And its worked brilliantly for them. All of them are using the service continuously.

In either case, your feedback would be awesome.

>> Love is a NumbersGame <<


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